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why to choose us?

We think that a person’s inner strength is where real recovery begins.
Our main goal at the delhi center is to instil confidence in our customers so they may work constructively to rebuild their self-esteem. We offer a fully furnished, homelike environment with contemporary amenities. We are pleased to report that every type of dependency may be managed by our staff.

We are able to perform several sessions for our clients’ speedy recuperation thanks to their persistent support and attentiveness. In order to achieve unwavering results, we are committed to using holistic methodologies. Depending on the needs of our clients, we have added a series of yoga and meditation classes, individual/group therapy.

  • What we do four your betterment/Service
  • recreation treatment
  • yoga meditation natural therapy
  • art singing  therapy
  • 12 step programme
  • councelling session
  • anger management classes



We were recognized as one of the leading rehab center with modern facility & modern therapy for the solutions of this problem. Our center is location in Noida UP. We do care of our patients like family, we are giving the proper treatment to recover as soon as possible, our team of experts take care the patient with more care. In case any kind of emergency we have on call highly qualified doctors team they are always ready to treat better
At karuna drishti seva  Foundation we provide residential treatment for patients dealing with issues with a loved, cared and concerned culture.
Our team comprises of Ace level renowned physchatrist, psychologist and Qualified residential Counselors, Medical attendant, Security team, Behavior therapist and observers.


A.C. Rooms, Cooler Hall

Open lawn, space, Laundry

Homely and hygienic accommodation, Home like taste meals, snacks

Gymnasium, Outdoor sports activities, Indoor games, and Music and entertainment arrangements.

“Recovery is possible if the treatment process is delivered with dedication, passion and professionalism.”Patients are not evils, they are trapped Angeles”.

Hope the description could help serving you a better explanation and imagination of our work. Thanks 👍

24×7 CC tv surveillance

24×7 patient pickup

100% Confidential procedure



  1. adress -noida sector 112–sk-151/152.

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